Duo Restaurant Malta

Venture into a broad spectrum of genuine Mediterranean gastronomic cultures

In our restaurant we believe in sharing our enthusiasm for stimulating healthy cuisine reflecting a broad spectrum of genuine Mediterranean gastronomy. At Duo we believe in the pleasure of sharing. Feel free to choose and share any number of either complementary or contrasting authentic dishes. You are spoilt for choice!

Here we believe in a holistic approach to healthy eating; a relaxing ‘take your time’ convivial atmosphere is essential when it comes to sharing and enjoying good food. We consider it a labour of love!

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With every bite

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Explore the culinary world the team at Duo are addicted to. Careful, you might just fall in love with the beauty of dining too.

More often than not we underestimate the pleasure of sitting around a table, sharing stories and ideas while enjoying a delicious meal and a superb bottle of wine. Think about it. Be it a romantic dinner celebrating an anniversary, a business dinner concluding a deal, a family celebration or any other excuse to enjoy an evening out, we seem to take it for granted and just treat it like another item on our agenda. Well it’s not. The reality of it all is that dining is one of the pleasures of life so it should be cherished and enjoyed. The Duo team will make sure your evening is memorable

and that you will recommend us and come again with your family and friends. If you’re reading and nodding, and getting in the mood for a delicious dinner, with your loved ones, then it’s time for you to visit Duo because we truly understand exactly what you are longing for. Dining – It’s all about sharing the most genuine ingredients turned into creative dishes by our chefs, enjoying wines carefully chosen by our wine specialist and knowing that our team will be on the alert to make sure that you are given the best possible service. Here at Duo, dining is truly a memorable experience.

Lovely evening surprise

Sonya Micallef, Malta

Excellent quality food served with imagination

Lizzie Worcester, UK

Absolutely Fantastic Food

Alexia Fenech, Malta



Bookings are essential, especially on weekends or when dining with large groups.
We look forward to plan ahead for your visit.